Our history

1970 - Birth of the
Werbering GmbH

Werbering GmbH makes its first appearance as a subsidiary of Gutenberg GmbH. Initially mainly a billposting company, it soon grows into an essential pillar of the company.

1988 - To a successful cooperation

Gutenberg Druckerei and Werbering finally merge. The new name of the company: Gutenberg-Werbering GmbH.

1990 - Expansion into the Czech Republic

The outdoor advertising company WIP Reklama in the Czech Republic is founded as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Gutenberg-Werbering GmbH.

1993 - City Lights come to Upper Austria

A City Light network is set up for the central region of Upper Austria. The modern urban medium thus becomes available for the first time in Linz, Wels and Steyr.

2007 - Rolling Board - A new dimension of Out of Home in Linz

Gutenberg-Werbering takes a 50% stake in Rolling Board Werbe GmbH as co-founder. The urban premium medium thus becomes available in Upper Austria.

2017 - Digital Out Of Home - A new age of outdoor advertising

Gutenberg-Werbering takes a 50% stake in DOOHO GmbH as co-founder. A new era of outdoor advertising in Upper Austria begins with a network of 13 high-resolution Digital City Lights in Linz.

2021 - city bike Linz - Smart through the city

Our advertising is active and promotes sustainable mobility. With the city bike Linz your target group travels through the city in an environmentally friendly, flexible and independent way. Independent of time and space.


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