INFOSCREEN was founded in Austria in 1998 to liven up and reduce waiting and travelling times in underground stations, trams and buses. Since then, INFOSCREEN can be found wherever there is increased attention - in or around public transport in important provincial capitals.

INFOSCREEN is thus also the exclusive digital out-of-home program medium in trams and buses in Linz. 86 million passengers per year make Linz Linien one of the busiest public transport networks in Austria. In 2019, the Linz INFOSCREEN network was expanded to include two "station" INFOSCREENs at the main station. Infoscreen informs and entertains passengers with a customised program mix of international news, culture, sports and weather as well as local information and event tips, thus creating an optimal advertising environment for your campaign.

With its own program formats, INFOSCREEN informs and entertains passengers and shortens their journey time. The slogan "INFOSCREEN - and a few minutes smarter again" is the program and clearly distinguishes the medium from pure advertising screen marketers.

Contact person

Bettina Michaelis

ADVANTAGES at a glance

Infoscreen creates an optimal advertising environment for your campaign.

Around 800 TFT screens in the Linz trams and buses

Operating hours: 19h (daily from 5am to midnight) and night buses

86 million passengers per year (Linz Lines)

Technical range: approx. 206,184 passengers per day

Viewing time: 7 minutes on average (corresponds to the average journey time)

Minimum spot length: 5 seconds (can be extended by one-second intervals)

Important information at a glance

14s rotation every 14 minutes
7s rotation every 7 minutes
3.5 rotation every 3.5 minutes
Price example Linz (748 screens)
Spot length 10 seconds
Rotation 14s rotation tram and bus / 7s rotation station main station
Duration 7 operating days
Price 5,489.90

All prices in Euro plus 5 % advertising tax and 20 % VAT.


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