Digital City Light

A new age of outdoor advertising has begun.

A milestone in the history of Austrian outdoor advertising. For the first time, Digital Out of Home Upper Austria offers high-resolution digital City Lights at exclusive locations in the centre of the provincial capital Linz. Digital Out of Home guarantees the highest attention values through a moving overall image. You have the opportunity to present your product in a modern, innovative way and as your own story. Stand-alone or as an ideal combination to analogue campaigns.

The screens offer an impressive moving overall image that is an ideal extension to online advertising. Digital City Lights are fast, variable and innovative and are booked in the length of a 10-second spot in a loop of 60 seconds. There are no limits to your wishes.

Immerse yourself in the world of digital outdoor advertising, combine reach, high-resolution moving images and smart content at busy exclusive locations in urban environments.

Contact person

Mag. Günther Herzog

Your advantages at a glance

Digital Media guarantees highest attention values through a moving overall picture.

Exclusive locations in urban areas

Advertising on high-resolution screens using moving images

Premium advertising in the out-of-home sector

Bring brands to life

Increased advertising recall through dynamic advertising

Attractive advertising environment

Important information at a glance

Networks Number of screens Spot length Thousand - Contact - Price (TCP)
Linz Deluxe 7 10 seconds 16,40
Linz City 8 10 seconds 8,10

Start day: Monday; runtime: 7 days; loop: 60 sec.; spot length: 10 sec. (extended spot length on request); disposition flat rate: € 438.00

(max. 3 spots possible). With start date 13.11.23 until incl. start date 18.12.23 a surcharge on the rental costs of 15 % applies.

Netz 1

Plz. Adresse Standort-Nr. Kategorie
4040 Hauptstraße 1-5 9601 Linz City
4040 Hauptstraße 4 (Ars Electronica Center) 9602 Linz Deluxe
4020 Untere Donaulände 1 (Lentos) 9603 Linz City
4020 Hauptplatz 11 9604 Linz Deluxe
4020 Landstraße 3 / Taubenmarkt 9605 Linz Deluxe
4020 Spittelwiese 3 9606 Linz Deluxe
4020 Friedensplatz 2 9607 Linz City
4020 Landstraße 71 / Eingang Schillerpark 9608 Linz City
4020 Landstraße / Stelzhamerstraße geg. 2 (Volksgarten) 9609 Linz City
4020 Wiener Straße geg. 42 (Herz-Jesu-Kirche) 9610 Linz City
4020 Wiener Straße 33 / Hamerlingstraße 9611 Linz City
4020 Volksgartenstraße 36 / Weingartshofstraße (bei ÖGB/AK) 9612 Linz City
4020 Harrachstraße geg. 4 / OK-Platz 9613 Linz Deluxe
4020 Bethlehemstraße geg. 2 / Landstraße 9614 Linz Deluxe
4020 Promenade bei 16 / nahe Landhaus 9615 Linz Deluxe

TV spots
Please note that TV spots can only be played on our screens to a limited extent. Since sound reproduction is prohibited, the TV spot must be modified so that the advertising message can be conveyed without sound.

DOOHO GmbH will keep the advertising material for 6 months after the end of the advertising measure. If no written request for return is received by this time, DOOHO GmbH is entitled to destroy the material sent.

The advertising concept developed by DOOHO GmbH on behalf of the customer for an advertising order, as well as the e.g. computer graphic implementation of an advertising concept, are protected works, in particular in accordance with the Copyright Act. The customer has the right to use these works also for the advertising appearance in another medium against payment of a usage fee to be agreed in writing in each individual case.

Animation and data processing
Visual dynamic motifs are permitted on our Digital Outdoor Screens. For reasons of traffic safety, the following must be observed when animating for the Digital Outdoor Screens:

  • two image changes within ten seconds

  • only slow animation of partial areas - about 1-2 seconds per image build-up

  • smooth transitions and no jerky, flashing, flickering or flickering animations

  • no flying in from the right and/or left

Data requirement for prefabricated spot
9:16 Portrait (WxH) - 1080 x 1920 px
ile Container/Video Codec .mov/h264 .mp4/VC-1 (WMV9) or h264
Frame Rate 25 p 25 p
Aspect Ratio Square Pixel -
Encoding - VBR, 2 pass
Maximum Bit Rate - 26 Mbps
File naming: KW[Nr]_[client name]_[site number]_[network].[file extension].
Data request for spot animation
Export Static Animated
Resolution 300 dpi 300 dpi
Size 1080 x 1920 px 1080 x 1920 px
Colour mode RGB RGB
Image elements - in separate layers
Text elements - in separate layers
Text layer - rasterised or include OpenType font (.TTF, .OTF)*. *several possibilities of text animation

*several possibilities of text animation

Video formats
Format 9:16 portrait (WxH) - 1080 x 1920 px/16:9 landscape (WxH) - 1920 x 1080 px
File Containers / Video Codecs MP4/VC-1 (WMV9) or h264/25p
Frame rate MOV/h264/25p

Advertising combinations

City Light campaigns are often combined with these media:

Digital Media Campaigns


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