Premium Screen

Premium Screen combines the best features of Premium Board and digital City Light in a new product. The implementation is fast and without printing costs, as the content is played out digitally. This enables flexible booking in campaign planning.

Contact person

Mag. Günther Herzog

Your advantages at a glance

With Rolling Board, we offer a medium that cannot be overlooked due to its installation at a height of approx. 3 metres.

Combines the flexibility of digital city lights with the reach and visibility of premium boards

11 premium locations with the highest contact frequency

Luminous "Clean Look",
Perfect alignment

High presence at city entrances and major transport hubs

Flexible booking: Selected days and hourly booking possible

Slight animation possible

Important information at a glance

Thousand - Contact - Price (TCP) OSA Region Basis Selection
Upper Austria Central region Centre 11,00 14,30

Start date: Monday; runtime: 7 days; loop: 60 seconds; spot length: 10 seconds (extended spot length on request); flat rate scheduling fee: € 438.00 (maximum of 3 spots possible). With a start date of 13.11.2023 up to and including 24.12.2023, a surcharge of 15 % on the rental costs will apply.

PLZ Adresse Standort-Nr.
4020 Freistädter Straße 163 / Urnenhainweg 65001
4020 Oberfeldstraße / Auffahrt A7, Richtung Freistadt 65017
4020 Salzburger Straße 36 65020
4020 Ziegeleistraße / gegenüber 73-75-Stadion 65026
4020 Hafenstraße / gegenüber 36, Auffahrt A7, Richtung Freistadt 65032
4020 Obere Donaulände 71 65037
4020 Industriezeile 76 (Interspar) 65101
4020 Hanuschstraße 78 (Hummelhof) 65105
4020 Salzburger Straße gegenüber 241 (Interspar) 65112
4020 Goethestraße 91 (Design Center) 65122
4060 Welser Straße 15 65006
11 Summe der Flächen
  • Animation guidelines
    For reasons of traffic safety, the animation structure should be implemented with slow, flowing movements and, if possible, only partial areas should be animated. Film sequences, flying-in elements and complete image changes should also be avoided.

  • Data delivery
    The content must be delivered to us at least five working days before the start of the campaign.

  • Info
    From today's point of view, colour gradients in the dark area can lead to the formation of stairs at night. Therefore, this should be avoided and replaced by single-colour dark areas.

Content size
Data .mp4 or .mov
Frame rate 25
Format 1200 x 840 px
Recommended minimum font size Serif 8 pt, Serifless 6 pt
Details of the installations
LED screen size 320 x 224 cm
Product Absence A0621 Pixel Pitch P6
Single module size 32 x 32 cm with 48 x 48 pixels
Resolution 480 x 336 pixels
Ideal viewing distance 12-20m

Advertising combinations

Rolling Board campaigns are often combined with these media:


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